Intro to Do What Matters Most

Do What Matters Most Introduction


21st-Century Children

Understanding basic principles of human development can help you combat challenges unique to kids these days, like the internet, social divisions, and the age of deception.

E1: They Need Better Help From Us

E2: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

E3: Get a Growth Mindset

E4: Healthy Social and Emotional Development in a Fragmented and Sexualized Society, Part 1

E5: Healthy Social and Emotional Development in a Fragmented and Sexualized Society, Part 2

E6: Promoting Healthy Brain and Mental Development in the Age of Hyperstimulation

E7: Make Sure Your Children Know Themselves

E8: Know Your Children Better Than Anyone Else

E9: Teach Your Children About Sex, Reproduction, and Abstinence

E10: Find Out Why Your Children Behave The Way They Do

E11: Help Your Child Be Socially Confident and a Good Friend

E12: Where the Most Successful Children Come From, Part 1

E13: Where the Most Successful Children Come From, Part 2

E14: Creating a Strong Identity

E15: Using Your Culture and Your Family to Create Successful Children

E16: Family Factors to Avoid

E17: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 1

E18: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 2

E19: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 3

E20: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 4

E21: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 5

E22: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 6

E22: Building Social Confidence and Self-Esteem, Part 7


Be Certain

In the confusion of this modern society, living without anchors can be devastating to children and adults. Learn how to stay grounded and become certain—but still flexible—about what you know to be true.

E1: Surviving and Thriving Requires Anchors and Moorings

E2: Hope And Truth Are Found In Patterns

E3: Faith And Charity Emerge When The Heart Knows Something The Brain Doesn’t Fully Understand

E4: The Cause—Coping or Creating


The Best Way to improve your marriage

What’s the secret for couples who want to feel more love and happiness in their marriage? Make loving your spouse your highest priority! This series uniquely focuses not only on increasing compatibility but also on learning the tools to help you and your partner get better at loving.

E1: Five Ways To Improve Your Abilities To Make Loving Your Spouse Your Highest Priority

E2: Develop The Most Excellent Perspective

E3: Experience The Greatest Feelings

E4: Create An Intimate Partnership

E5: Find The Rhythm of Successful Communication

E6: Avoid Marital Traps That Reduce Freedom

E7: Find Practical Solutions To The Most Common Marital Problems

E8: Build Bridges to Heal and Repair


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Better Learning

Instead of focusing so much on testing and good grades, see how to help your children learn better, be more excited by learning, and master their minds.

E1: Mastering the Mind at Home and School

E2: Now Is The Time To Teach Brain-Based Learning

E3: Windows Of Learning—When To Teach Emotions, Language, and Numbers

E4: Teach The Way Your Children Learn

E5: Learn Which Types of Intelligence Your Children Possess

E6: Use Mind Mapping to Improve Memory and Speed Learning


Better Parenting

Make parenting more interesting and enjoyable—and more likely to produce the results you want to see in your children.

E1: Adapt and Succeed

E2: The Real Power of Parenthood

E3: The 6 Best Things You Can Do For Your Kids

E4: Seize The Moment And Then Follow Through


Building Moral Individuals and Relationships

Applying morality, ethics, and character can improve your life and enhance your friendships, marriages, and family relationships.

E1: To Be or Not to Be

E2: The Origins of Moral Behavior

E3: The Family

E4: Creating a Healthy Conscience for Your Children Part I

E5: Creating a Healthy Conscience for Your Children Part II

E6: How Families Build Moral Character

E7: What Families Can Do to Promote Sexual Morality


Current Trends That Are Modern Mistakes

Despite their popularity, many social trends are modern mistakes that come with a cost.

E1: Parents Who Lie To And For Their Children

E2: Parents Who Protect Their Children From Responsibility

E3: The Gathering Storm, Part 1

E4: The Gathering Storm, Part 2

E5: The Gathering Storm, Part 3

Don’t Let Your Career Hurt Your Kids

Whether you work at home or away at the office, if parents fail to manage both home and work well, they can injure the growth and development of their children. This series is devoted first to an explanation of how this can happen so that parents can avoid it and then to suggested ways parents can ensure they keep home and work in perspective to ensure their children’s successful development.

E1: Between Work and Home, Part 1

E2: Between Work and Home, Part 2

E3: Making the Best Use of People Time, Part 1

E4: Making the Best Use of People Time, Part 2

Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance

Emotional self-reliance is, at its core, the name for ordinary development and growth into adulthood, but it’s becoming a hot topic these days because we’re seeing a rise in depression, anxiety, suicide, and other kinds of problems that indicate emotional self-reliance is not occurring. Learn how to help your kids become more emotionally self-reliant so they can be socially confident, achieve, have strong character, and face adversity.

Interview with Dr. Scoresby


The Family and Children’s School Achievement

Schools as social institutions connect with and influence families. Parents can become more informed and involved with their children’s school experience so they can coordinate the good things kids are doing at school with what they experience at home.

Interview with Dr. Scoresby

Getting Good Boys to Be Great Men

Pour more and better resources into helping boys develop into the kind of men you hope they’ll become.

E1: Getting Good Boys to Be Great Men

E2: The Tie That Binds—A Little

E3: To Depend and Be Dependable

E4: Getting Boys to Take Charge of Their Own Lives

E5: Pushing and Pulling to Motivate

E6: Humility, Great Achievement, and Success

E7: If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

E8: Teaching Boys To Be Resilient And To Inspire Others

E9: Using Life’s Great Stories To Build Resilience And Self-Reliance


Great Leaders

Anyone can be a great leader, and this makes better leaders more available in more places and contributes to everyone around them.

E1: Women Can’t Do It and Other Myths

E2: Taking People to Places They’ve Never Been

E3: Trust Motivates People’s Commitment

E4: Great Things Happen When People Want To Follow

E5: Strategy Is Creating A Bridge Between Your Ideas And The Actions Of Success

E6: What Great Leaders Do That Mediocre Leaders Don’t

E7: Great Leaders Energize Alliances

E8: The 8 Guiding Principles of Great Leaders

E9: Personal Leadership Review

E10: Establishing Peace

E11: Finding the Right People and Activating the Freedom to Choose

E12: Leadership for Innovation

Helping Girls Become Great Women

Instead of allowing misguided tradition or social forces bent on perfection to dictate what a girl should become, learn how to help girls more easily find the golden balance between strong individuality and success in relationships with others AND find more peace of mind and less anxiety and stress.

E1: What Girls Need Most

E2: Boundaries, Grit, And Success With People

E3: Honesty, Humility, And Realism

E4: Emotional Resilience & Self-Reliance

Innovations in Family Psychology

A new view of the family is bringing about several changes in counseling and family psychology. Learn about these innovations so you can make good choices when seeking help.

E1: Rethinking How To Help People Change And Grow

Lost Wisdom

Let’s not forget the wisdom of previous generations because what they knew and did can add to our lives now.

E1: Barn Burners, Burrs Under Blankets, and Feathers in Your Cap

E2: Too Much Howdy Do, and Every Pancake Has Two Sides

E3: Whistling in the Dark and Going on Wild Goose Chases

E4: Ideas Are The Wings That Can Make Hearts Soar

E5: Squeeze The Nickel So Hard The Indian Rides The Buffalo

E6: The Wreck Of The Hesperus And Batten Down The Hatches

E7: Choose Your Enemies Wisely For You Will Become Like Them

E8: Hunger Is the Best Spice

Making Your Family Business Succeed

Owning and running your business the right way so your family succeeds too.

E1: The Margins of Success

E2: Priorities and Boundaries

Parent Leadership

Kids are facing situations today that parents have never seen, so a new form of parenting is needed. It’s going to take parents who can lead.

E1: A New Form of Leadership

E2: Make Sure Your Children Know That You Know Them

E3: Turn Your Family Into a Learning Lab

E4 Turn Your Family Into a Learning Lab, Part 2

PARENTING teens and staying sane

Dr. Scoresby interviews parents of teens and offers suggestions for whatever they’re facing.

E1: A Conversation with Dr. Scoresby—Taking Small Steps to Build Life Skills

E2: A Conversation with Dr. Scoresby—The Impact of Friends and Rules on Family Relationships

E3: A Conversation with Dr. Scoresby—Be Careful with the Pressure of High Expectations

E4: A Conversation with Dr. Scoresby—Helping an Older Teen Face the Future and a Shy Teen Form Meaningful Connections with Others

People Problems

Everyone has some people problems and often don’t know the causes or the solutions.

E1: How to Misinterpret Others, Make Mistakes with People, and Cause Conflict

E2: When You Genuinely Succeed With People, You Are a Success

Positive Discipline

Instead of being reactive, negative, or neglectful parents, positive discipline is about parenting practices that promote growth instead of just limiting bad behavior.

E1: Interview with Dr. Scoresby

Stop the Violence Epidemic

We can stop the violence epidemic if we understand why it happens and create a developmental plan to ensure that the coming generation has the tools to deal with problems better.

E1: What Causes Violence and What Can Solve It

E2: Violence Comes in a Package

E3: Stop Violence Where It Begins


To Love and Be Loved

There is not enough love in the world, and there is an increasing number of adults and children who are living without it. So let’s learn more about it and learn how to find and feel more of it.

E1: How to Find and Feel More of It

E2: Commit To Love Deeply And Well

E3: Love Is A Behavior Modifier

E4: Love Soothes And Comforts

E5: Love Changes Fear to Confidence

E6: Expanding Your Capacity to Love, Part 1

E7: Expanding Your Capacity to Love, Part 2—Freedom to Love

E8: Expanding Your Capacity to Love, Part 3

E9: Expanding Your Capacity to Love, Part 4



In our day, we are faced with many divisions between people—some small and some large. Our children are growing up with that, and, unless we teach them, they will know better how to create divisions than how to unify. Dr. Scoresby describes heartfelt methods that begin the process of uniting.

E1: Building Bridges

E2: The Amazing Benefits When Parents and Teachers Are United

E3: Peer Influence

What Makes Marriages Work

What makes a relationship last and stay rewarding along the way.

E1: Five Qualities of a Fabulous Relationship

E2: The Bridge Builders

E3: Finding More Love and Happiness Than You Can Imagine

E4: It Is Impossible to NOT Communicate

E5: Practical Solutions to the Most Common Marriage Problems

E6: The Most Exceptional Form of Friendship

E7: The Marriage Partnership

E8: Marriage Traps That Prevent Happiness

You Can Be Better and Happier

How to practically expand your capacity for happiness and add fulfillment to your life and those you love.

E1: Human Effectiveness and Happiness

E2: Becoming Open to Yourself

E3: Inner Harmony