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Married couples often become so occupied with the business of living that they forget to make loving each other the highest priority of their lives. With decades of experience as a family psychologist, Dr. Scoresby has packed these episodes with tons of practical solutions so that you can experience actual change and improvement and increase the love and satisfaction you feel in your marriage.

Written and recorded by family psychologist Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby and using his years of experience and proven methods, this series will help you lay the foundation and put into action the lasting change and improvement you’re looking for in your relationship so you can experience the greatest happiness and love possible.

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Episode 1: 5 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Make Loving Your Spouse Your Highest Priority

In this episode, Dr. Scoresby talks about five things you can do to improve the way you participate in your marriage so you are better prepared to love and be loved. Improving how you participate will make it possible for you to make needed changes and find greater rewards in your marriage. With a basic step-by-step approach, you can make improving your marriage a very loving and compassionate experience. Plus you can create a sense of freedom and confidence that attempts to improve will come to fruition.

Episode 2: Grow Your Perspective of Marriage and Find More Love and Happiness

The amount and type of love available to you is influenced, even determined, by the way you think about your marriage. By changing and improving how you express and display love, you can also create the best perspective where the most and greatest forms of love are found. In this episode, learn three different perspectives of marriage and how you can make small improvements in the way you communicate love until you see marriage with the most excellent perspective.

Episode 3: Create the Greatest Feelings

Each married person may want their own rewards for being married, but the most important outcomes of being married are all emotions. Learn the emotional skills that will make you more intelligent about your feelings and your partner’s. And when you make loving your partner your highest priority, you can find the greatest feelings, which will substantially add to your happiness and satisfaction.

Episode 4: Create an Intimate Partnership

Dr. Scoresby has talked about what individuals can do to improve their participation in marriage. This episode describes how couples can organize an intimate partnership that will enable their relationship to operate smoothly. Marriages invite, even require, people to share at least eight high-stakes life conditions, like money and sex. You can learn how to work out your partnership by committing to love each other as the highest priority, which then enables you to successfully make decisions, solve problems successfully, and organize and plan—together.

Episode 5: Create the Rhythm of Successful Communication

Dr. Scoresby explains how creating an excellent method of communicating not only builds an excellent marriage but maintains it so you can find the greatest rewards marriage offers. In this episode, learn several positive forms of communicating and several forms of communicating that lead to confusion and misunderstanding. You will learn it is not possible to not communicate. This will help motivate you and your partner to develop a positive form of communication that creates emotional intimacy and affection. Communicating accurately can help you avoid saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or in the wrong way. 

Episode 6: Avoid Marital Traps that Reduce Freedom

In this episode, Dr. Scoresby explains how understanding what can go wrong in your marriage can help you learn how to avoid these marriage traps and continue to move forward, creating a relationship that is full of love and happiness. Learn how the most common marital traps are created and what you can do to make sure you and your partner do not get caught in a trap that will prevent growth and happiness.

Episode 7: Use Practical Solutions for Common Marital Problems

Most of the time, marriages that last and marriages that end have the same type and number of problems. The difference is that people in the marriages that last have a positive way to solve problems and move forward. Learn these practical solutions so that you too can feel confident that problems you face can be solved and not prevent you from finding and feeling the love and happiness marriage can offer.

Episode 8: Build Bridges to Repair and Heal Relationships

In this episode, Dr. Scoresby explains how knowing the tools to build bridges will allow you to repair relationships that may need to be mended. The skills you will learn in this area will help you and your partner find hope and increase the possibility that a marriage once thought to be broken can instead be repaired and bring both people increased love and happiness.