The contest for belief in Jesus Christ has been going on for centuries. The Christ Questions podcast is centered on questions we ask about Him and questions He asks us. Dr. A. Lynn Scoresby examines how Christians can build faith in Jesus Christ that lasts and discover the true blessings and rewards for believing.

Building Faith in Christ That Lasts

Learning how to build faith In Jesus Christ that lasts will make it possible for us to meet unknowns and doubts without fear and search for greater faith and belief. Dr. Scoresby describes the pillars of a type of faith that lasts and introduces the idea that the questions surrounding Jesus Christ can be answered in a way that creates great blessings.

E1: Introduction

E2: The Christ Questions Are About Love and Faith

E3: Receiving Him Unveils His Blessings Part 1

E4: Receiving Him Unveils His Blessings, Part 2

E5: There Is Still More Spiritual Knowledge

E6: Increased Gentleness and Kindness

Understanding the Character of Jesus Christ in the Doctrine and Covenants

E1: Introduction

E2: How Jesus Describes Himself

E3: How Jesus Communicates

E4: His Character Is Eternal

E5: He Is Creative and Innovative